Marion Fayolle

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Lily Padula (USA) - 1: Lighting The Way, Crystal Cave GIF  2,3,4: Selected Images From Aliens Exist Zine  5: Burning Bridges, Personal work  6: Pushing Up Daisies, Personal work

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Brett Amory - Dark Light (2011)

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"I remember all my previous lives."

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2014. August.

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Collages by artist on tumblr - david delruelle

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asylum-artNeil Dawsons “Horizons” Mighty Optical Illusions

Neil Dawson creates eye-popping sculptures. He has produced many throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the UK, and I have to admit that there’s a few I still can’t wrap my mind around. No matter how you look at them, your eyes and brain will trick you into believing that what you’re looking at is a simple drawing from a cartoon. Some of the sculptures are on land, while some others are hung in mid air. 

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| K e a  P r i n t s |
↟ this is a new zealand kea, the world’s only alpine parrot & a national treasure of our country. for the next 36 hours i’ll be selling prints of this photograph; if you’re interested, simply email me at johnbozinov@gmail.com with your preferred size, name & address & i’ll send you a paypal invoice followed by a signed print. the image is available in 8x10” for $70 & 11x14” for $100 + shipping. larger sizes available upon request ↟

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